IV Nutrition

IV bag

Our bodies are comprised of 200 trillion cells, and there are 868 trillion reactions occurring per second! Talk about complex! Our overall health is a direct reflection on how well our cells are functioning. We can think of this cellular health in two ways, inward and outward. The cell’s inward health involves the efficiency with which the many reactions inside the cell occur. The cell’s outward health relates to its ability to effectively communicate with other cells. Many factors contribute to a cell’s health, the most important of which is nutritional status. Maximizing cellular health, through an intricate knowledge of the body’s physiology and biochemistry, affords us the ability to work toward achieving optimal health. The best way to do that is through intravenous (IV) nutrition.

With Dr. Stegall’s IV protocols, we have the ability to target your cells with the exact nutrition they need to perform at optimal levels. The advantage with intravenous nutrition is that it has 100% bioavailability, meaning that 100% of what is given will be absorbed into the cells. Conversely, when we take in something by mouth, only about 30% is absorbed. So with IV nutrition, we provide targeted nutrition with maximal efficiency. This means that you will start to feel better faster.

We augment IV nutrition with a strong oral nutrition as well. This entails oral nutritional supplements when indicated, as well as dietary recommendations. This three part approach of IV nutrition, oral nutritional supplements, and dietary strategies is consistently successful.