Old man
Aging is a term which has become more popular recently as baby boomers have gotten older and progressed from middle age into elderly age. There are ad campaigns, articles, and “experts” telling us that aging is okay. People can often be overheard saying things such as “I guess I’m tired all the time because I am getting older” and “These aches and pains are just a part of getting older.” At The Center for Advanced Medicine, we disagree with this notion. While some aging is inevitable due to the environment in which we live, most of the things attributed to normal aging these days is in fact far from normal.

Some of the more forward-thinking scientists and physicians feel that our lifespans should be in the 110-120 year range, not the 70-80 range we see today. These should be healthy years, too, with a high quality of life, rather than relying on tons of medical interventions used to keep people alive artificially these days. But how do we do it?

We must stop using aging as an excuse for medical issues, and start attacking the causes of aging at their core. This involves looking at your body’s most fundamental processes – biochemical and physiological – in detail and seeing if each step in these complex reactions are occurring as efficiently as possible. What we find is that most people over the age of about 20 or 25 will already start to show signs of dysfunction on the cellular level, even though they might not yet have physical symptoms or any outward evidence that a problem has started. Left unchecked for years, these problems tend to compound to the point that the person knows they aren’t as healthy as they used to be. What we at The Center for Advanced Medicine do is evaluate your body’s real age (not your chronological age), and address the deficiencies and imbalances which are causing your body to show signs of aging. We do this by taking a thorough history, performing a detailed physical exam, and obtaining appropriate lab testing, and then analyzing all of the data to develop a personalized treatment protocol using natural therapies. We can add years to your life through these interventions. You will look better, feel better, and have a new outlook on life.