What is Cancer?

cancerCancer is perhaps the most feared disease. Everyone knows that cancer can affect many different parts of the body, frequently with devastating effects. Many patients who have been diagnosed with cancer do not fully understand what cancer is, so I always start by explaining it. By first understanding the problem, we can better formulate a plan of attack to go after it.

Your body has over 200 trillion cells, and these cells each have their own unique functions to carry out in order to help your body carry out the many processes needed for health. Some of these cells become sick and inflamed as a result of stressors. These stressors can be chemical, physical, or emotional. Continued stress on a cell ultimately causes the cell’s DNA to change, leading the DNA to rebel and act in a way other than the way it was designed. This rogue DNA is usually caught by the immune system’s defenses before it is able to cause a problem. However, sometimes this rebellious DNA is able to escape detection by the immune system, and continue to grow and thrive. This bad DNA is able to multiply and thrive, forming a cancerous tumor. This is what we know as a primary tumor. If it remains undetected, then it sends its message through the body to other sites, which is what we know as metastasis (or spread) of the cancer. If not stopped, this metastatic cancer continues to multiply and rob the body of its resources.

To summarize, cancer is a problem that originates in the cells of the body as a result of abnormal changes to DNA. Cancer flourishes when it is allowed to grow unchecked due to a confused immune system. My approach to cancer treatment focuses on attacking your cancerous cells, as well as identifying the potential cause(s) of your cancer to reduce the chances of growth and spread of your cancer. In addition, I nourish and protect your healthy cells while also building you up spiritually and emotionally.

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