Cancer Treatment Philosophy

puzzle_darkI believe that conventional medical treatments such as high dose chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery have a valuable role to play in cancer treatment. However, I also believe that there are other therapies which are also very valuable – and necessary – for a well-rounded cancer treatment program. Such a program should focus on:

-Targeting your cancer cells themselves
-Nourishing your body’s healthy cells
-Enhancing your immune system function
-Supporting your spiritual, social, and emotional needs

Medicine should be personalized, and that is especially true with cancer. The appropriate treatment for you is likely very different from what is appropriate for someone else. Many factors go into my decision regarding your specific protocol, such as:

-The type of cancer(s) you have
-Your prognosis
-Your tumor markers
-Any co-existing medical conditions (diabetes, heart disease, obesity, etc.)
-Your treatment goals
-Your personal life goals

I always remind my patients that conventional treatments such as high dose chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery are frequently options. Many of my patients come to me with late stage cancers, after not having the desired response to the aforementioned therapies. Other patients come to me with early stage cancers, and after discussing conventional therapies with their oncologist, have chosen an alternative method. In every case, I do my very best to discuss options. The treatment approaches I offer might not be best for you and your cancer, and if I believe that to be the case, I will tell you. I do not accept everyone as a patient. You can always count on my honesty, using my best medical judgment from the knowledge I have attained.

The treatment arsenal I employ may include:

-Intravenous nutrition (including high dose vitamin C)
-Insulin potentiation therapy (IPT) using low dose chemotherapy
-Immune system stimulators
-Targeted cancer nutrition
-Physician grade nutraceuticals
-Off-label pharmaceuticals (for example, low-dose naltrexone, metformin, etc.)
-Mindset and affirmations

No cancer specialist can guarantee a specific outcome. It would be unethical to do so. However, I can confidently state that my goal is for you to have a successful treatment outcome and I will do my best to help you achieve that. Defining success can be difficult with cancer, as many factors are involved. For some cancers, success means remission. For other cancers, it might mean controlling tumor growth so that it is a chronic condition you can live with for 10-15 years or more. For others, it might mean adding extra quality time to your life. For others, it might mean obtaining peace and healing relationships which have been sources of great stress. Regardless, we will develop a game plan together which entails you getting my absolute best.

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