At The Center for Advanced Medicine, we believe that aging is something that should be suppressed as much as possible. Although growing older in years is inevitable, the health problems many people associate with getting older are not. “I guess I’m just getting older” and “I suppose this should be expected at my age” are frequently heard justifications for illness and disease in our society. And while that might make one feel better about his or her condition, it is not scientifically sound.

Genetics certainly play a role in longevity, but what researchers have discovered is that lifestyle plays a much more significant role. This means that the things we expose our bodies to, whether it be the food we eat, the airwe breathe, medication we take, and stress we are under, just to name a few, play a huge role in how healthy we are as we get older. And because these exposures are cumulative, true anti-aging medicine begins in childhood. Regardless of why a patient comes to see us, anti-aging medicine is always one aspect of the care we provide. This is because an aging body is predictive of more illness and disease.

Practicing anti-aging medicine means optimizing the function of the body as a whole. This requires a healthcare provider who understands the intricate connections within the body, and who has the ability to take a holistic view of the body’s processes. This will usually entail lab testing to check levels of hormones, neurotransmitters, and certain vitamins and other cofactors needed by the body. It also means looking for inflammatory markers, DNA damage, and other signs of cellular stress. All of these biochemical markers, among others, are calculated and analyzed by Dr. Stegall and used to formulate a specific treatment plan for you. His protocol can greatly help you in “turning back the clock” and looking and feeling better.